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At Start2S we work with our customers to tailor enterprise architectures and application strategies, evaluate and establish Mobility Centers of Excellence, and plan security and infrastructure strategies.


Technology Solutions

Start2S helps clients develop and implement mobility, Security and IoT solutions going from EMM, IoT, Innovative Apps, FFA, RAS, UCC, …

Consulting Services

Thanks to Start2S consulting services portfolio you can add personalized services to align your mobility & Security strategy with your business objectives such as – Telecom diagnostic – Mobile invoice audit – Tariff Optimization – Contract negotiation – Audits, …

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What else we provide?

Start2 – Simplify

@ Start2S we work with our customers to analyse Mobility & Security enterprise architectures in order to Simplify it for future strategies with the fast growing innovation companies need to adopt.

Start2 – Secure

@ Start2S,we do provide Mobility & Security Audits with the Best Practices to ensure your current architecture is well designed and secured. We are looking to guide companies protecting their assets and avoiding losses with a best practices security approach which is crucial for the success of businesses of any size.

However, small firms face particular issues when they seek to strengthen their security position.

Think about “…Reducing the risks, protecting your business …”

Start2 – Save

@ Start2S, we do provide Mobility & Security analysis to identify area to optimise your cost.

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Start2S brings a fresh approach to global mobility and security solutions. Our members are in a Technical & sales professional with more than 40 years experience in selling global mobility & security projects on a worldwide basis.

Being able to see the big picture and commit to deliver what are the key success factors to Senior and Execs people within Global Organization is the DNA of Start2S. This approach has proved a sustainable competitive advantage on Global Organizations core business.

Start2S provides consulting services to Global Organizations that want to simplify, control, secure and optimize their mobile fleet through a proven methodology that allows immediate and ongoing savings without investing in additional resources.

Start2S works also with Organizations that wants to enter the EU market.


Laurent Samper Founder

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